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  • Brother KH270 Chunky Electronic Knitting Machine

KH-270 Chunky Electroknit


The KH-270 has a computer memory of 288 different stitch patterns, so to start knitting all you have to do is select the pattern number from the accompanying book and you're ready.
Designing your own patterns couldn't be easier - anything from 1 to 112 stitches wide can be created.  Just enter your design directly into the machine using the input system.  Stored, they will then be ready for you whenever you wish.
The KH-270 can also be programmed to repeat a single motif or panel of knitting.  Simply state the number of repeats required and where you would like them to appear on your garment.
The seven Pattern Variations can be used to give a number of different effects.


  1. Turns over designs or an area of pattern to face the opposite way.
  2. Automatically mirror images sideways.
  3. Doubles the width of a pattern
  4. Doubles the length.  (Using no.3 and no.4 together, completely doubles the pattern in size).
  5. Knits your design upside down or reflects it lengthways.
  6. The "positive negative" button.  This reverses the pattern selection so that the background colour knits the pattern and the pattern colour knits the background.
  7. The machine automatically re-formats any Fair Isle design for Jacquard (Fair Isle patterning with no floats on the back using the ribber and colour changer).

Stitch Features
With Fair Isle, Tuck stitch, Slip stitch, Thread lace and Weaving stitches built into the KH-270, this versatile machine will then go on to Fisherman's rib, Jacquard, double bed Tuck stitch etc, with the optional attachments available.

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Brother KH270 Chunky Electronic Knitting Machine

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